Isn’t Internet Marketing Kind of Scammy?

internet marketing a scamInternet Marketing and monetizing websites can certainly be very scammy.  We’ve all seen sites just dripping with ads and keywords or received spam in our inboxes trying to get us to Buy, Buy, Buy!

But that doesn’t mean it has to be!  I have no intention of ever creating a website like that.  It would turn my stomach.

I visit a sailing forum at least twice a day.  It has ads on the site which are relevant to sailing, and it offers membership levels and various sponsored promotions.  I love that community of fellow sailors, and I don’t mind one little bit that the person who created the community is making money from the site.  Good on them!

This is an example of what we might call “white hat” monetization.  You create a service for people and you make money.  How is that a scam?  That’s just good business!

Here is a typical model of the white hat internet marketer:

  1. Choose a topic that interests you, often one that you are already an expert in and/or passionate about.
  2. Create lots of great free content for people.
  3. Offer them optional upgrades or affiliate links to good products that you recommend.

In this case, we’re offering free value to people that will solve a problem they have or feed their passions.  We also offer them great products that they can choose to buy.  There’s nothing scammy about that!

This is also good business.  If you offer value, then you will end up with a loyal community who trust what you have to say.  In the long run, this will result in the potential for much more income than pumping a large volume of traffic through a site that doesn’t offer any content to anybody.  People will just bounce away elsewhere.

Google is also spending a lot of time updating their algorithms to exclude sites that are full of ads and links with no real content.  That strategy worked much better 3-5 years ago than it does today.

If you develop good content that delivers real value, then you will develop a trusting relationship with your readers.  You can both make the internet a better place and earn an income for your efforts.

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2 thoughts on “Isn’t Internet Marketing Kind of Scammy?

  1. I agree that scammy sites aren’t going to continue receiving much revenue for very long. Cluttered sites that don’t offer enough meaningful content drive me away, and I rarely if ever bother with them anymore. I never see them come up on search engines – just Facebook, where they’re paying for advertising.

    1. Yeah, a lot of people were making money “gaming” Google with nasty sites. There was definitely some innocent collateral damage from the algorithm changes over the last few years, but all in all they’ve made the web a better place for people like us who actually want to provide real value.

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