One Google Trick you Need to Know

Google trickWhen I started learning about how to produce Online Passive Income, I made one big mistake.  I began at the beginning.  Specifically, I started reading Pat Flynn’s excellent Smart Passive Income blog from the very beginning.  What I didn’t realize is that  some aspects of Internet Marketing can change almost monthly and a lot of the articles I was reading were now dangerously out of date.

In particular, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques change very quickly with constant search algorithm changes from Google.  What was a great strategy to rank on the first page of Google even a few months ago could be completely worthless today.

I’ve already introduced two examples of this:

  • Keyword heavy but content light micro-niche sites have fallen out of favour and are no longer the great money-makers they once were
  • Most of the revenue sharing article sites have closed their doors or been bought up by their competitors.

Both of these recent changes are due to Google changing their algorithms.

Similarly, social media is quickly evolving and Facebook in particular have changed the ways that their pages work and are promoted many times in the last few years.

Two other topics that I found to have changed significantly in the last year are website hosting companies (due to two large buy-outs in the industry) and the usefulness of the RSS feed software Feedburner which is no longer being properly supported (look for posts on both of these topics in the future).

The Problem

When you do a Google search on a subject, the results are sorted by relevance, but many of the articles served up by Google are horribly out of date.

The Solution: One Google Trick

Google trick detail

Choose the date range you want articles to have been written in.

  1. Enter your search term into Google as you usually do.
  2. After the search results come up, select “Search Tools”
  3. Click on “Any Time” and a drop down box will pop up.
  4. Select the time frame you are interested in.

Et Voila!  You can now choose any date range you like and Google will only provide results that have been updated since that time.  Problem Solved!

P.S.  This post was written and uploaded while at anchor in a sailboat nestled in a peaceful fjord near Vancouver, Canada.  The potential power of an online income to transform the “workplace” is amazing!

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  1. *shakes fist*

    Totally could have used that a week ago, but now I can’t even remember what it would have been for. I’m sure it will come in handy again though, good tip. Thanks!

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