Why I Decided to Blog about Online Passive Income

Why did I Start this BlogWhy did I start this blog?

I’m glad you asked.

When I decided to start a website and monetize it, I decided on a website related to sailing.  I love sailing and I know a lot about it.  I can speak with authority and I can imagine hundreds of great articles I could write.

As I started to arrange my thoughts on how to build this sailing blog, I started to amass a large amount of research in OneNote on how to actually build, optimize, and monetize the blog itself.  That’s when I realized that I was getting all of this from dozens of other sites and it would be nice if it was all together.

So if I’m going to collect it all together for myself, why not put it into a blog?  Then other people can benefit as well.  Because I’m now doing this for you as well as for me, this blog forces me to:

  • Do better research
  • Be more organized in my approach
  • Keep making progress
  • Be honest about my successes and my failures

As I write this, I haven’t even started the sailing blog yet.  Instead, I’m learning day by day about setting up and running a blog and a community right here.  When it comes time to start the sailing blog, I’ll know a lot more and I’ll have made my mistakes here first for you all to see and learn from.  Then you can all follow along and see how things go with the sailing blog, too.

It was Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog that first inspired me to try my own hand at earning money on the internet.  I really appreciated that he put himself out there and allowed me to follow in his footsteps.

I find, however, that he has so many years of information there that it is difficult to know what is still up to date and what has been overtaken by Google algorithm changes or even just the changing nature of Internet Marketing.  I also find that there’s so much material, I can’t always find the gems without a lot of hunting.

No, I’m not trying to replace Pat, and I don’t expect to become as massively successful as he has, but I do feel that there’s room for many voices.  The “Make Money on the Internet” space is pretty crowded, but each journey is unique.  I hope you find mine useful.

It would be kind of silly to make a blog about monetizing websites and not use it to show different methods of monetization.  I don’t really expect to make very much money from this site since the competition is so fierce in this niche.  This site is about community and about helping others who may wish to follow the same path that I’m on.  I do have affiliate links for products that I have used and that I know will make your life better.  If you do choose to follow an affiliate link, it will help pay for hosting and the many hours I’ve put in.  Thank you in advance!

I am very excited about all that I’m learning as I embark on my journey.  I already have 70 post subjects listed in my OneNote tab and I can’t wait to dig into each and every one of them.

Please leave a comment below and share what it is that you hope to get out of this blog.  I’m always open to any feedback.

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